What our residents & staff say

It is really good to be home again at last but it thanks to all the special care and friendship I received at Greenview that I have made such a good recovery.


Thank you for my stay with you for a very enjoyable 3 days. The care was excellent and the company pleasant. I enjoyed my meals, they were all very nice.


Thank you all for my lovely stay with you. Everyone was so kind and pleasant. The food was wonderful and I came home with my apetite restored. I’m coping with paperwork as though it had never been a major problem. I can’t believe one week at Greenview could have such an electric effect. May I please come back next time I get so low.

The care I had with you was wonderful and all the staff were so thoughtful – nothing was ever over-looked.


It is with sadness that I recall my mother Edith was with you for just 54 weeks. She so enjoyed being with you – she said it was her home, but just like being in a hotel!

Edith’s last year was a happy one. She was forgetful, of course, but she often surprised me by the information that was locked away in her brain. She enjoyed the visits to the little Baptist Chapel, the walks around the Green and in your splendid garden.

Greenview is a home for people with names and personalities, who are treated kindly and as individuals. A home where the diginity of the client and the care for the client is absolutely paramount. Your staff – Lyn, Editha, Floraand and Lydia – are so good. I came to know them, not just as staff working in a care home, but as friends to my mother and friends of mine.

Shortly before going to Greenview my mother was living in her own home, alone, as was her wish. However, after a few weeks with you, she was infinitely more happy and content – and properly cared for.

It is at times after the event that we review our performance and ask ourselves ‘could I have done better’. Yes of course I could have done but, in the main area of care consideration and dignity I was fortunately able to stumble on exactly the right decision.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me over the last five years!

I have enjoyed every minute of working at Greenview and the experience has really improved things like my confidence and attitude towards work!

I’m really grateful for the opportunites you’ve given me and really glad that I’ve grown up working here as it has changed my perspectives on a lot of things!

I hope you won’t hesitate to ask me in for shifts during uni holidays etc. as I would like to keep in touch with the home.

Good luck for the rest of the year, I hope that the lounge proves a success, and thank you again, so much, for everything!


Thank you very much for having Alan at such short notice. It was very much appreciated and a load off my mind. He enjoyed his stay with you all. Please thank the girls for all their help and for playing scrabble with him.


I wish to thank all the staff who organised Larry’s birthday party. The food was delicious also the birthday cake with 38 candles. It was a complete surprise to Larry, seeing so many visitors.

Thank you for a very happy occasion.


Thank you so much for the book! I have been reading it a lot and now have lots more dots on our map of places to go.

A much bigger thank you is needed for all that you’ve invested in us, truly I can’t thank you enough. I’ve learnt so much in my time working for you and I know that it will serve me well in whatever I end up doing.

Greenview will always be close to my heart, I have such fantastic memories of work and I think that is because you put so much in to it. Your eternal optimism and energy to push the staff and innovate the home I know is the reason Greenview is such a wonderful place to work and live! I’m sure I will be knocking on your door asking for shifts very soon, but until then good luck with everything.


Many thanks for everything. I, as you know, am very sorry we could not keep her with you. I felt so relieved knowing she was in such a small, caring environment surrounded by rural community.


Thank you for taking such good care of my mum for the past year.


Thank you all for the care, love and attention that you all gave and shared with our dear mum, June. Despite that her last years were difficult for her, you all made her life that more easier and enjoyable.

We feel so blessed to have had the pleasure to have found such an amazing place. Will miss visiting you all.

Philippa, Mark, Chloe, Polly & Paul

To all the staff at Greenview thank you so much for all you have done for my dad through the years. Greenview is not just a care home, it’s a family. And I know my dad will miss you all in his own way.

Shelley, Mark, Megan, Joshua, Jamie, Riley, Tamsin & Taylor

I really enjoyed all the lovely people looking after me and we must keep in touch – and one person in particular has a wonderful sense of fun that makes it such a happy and successful home.


We would just like to say an enormous ‘thank you’ to you all for the love and care you have given Brenda during her time at Greenview. It gave us great peace of mind to know she was so happy with you, especially following so many years of her fighting her depression. You all showed such patience when we know at times she could be rather forthright and tricky!

Mostly, however, thank you for your exceptional care of her over the last few weeks of her life. You all went well above any expected level of care, showing her such love and compassion in what was a very difficult and painful time for her. We owe you an enormous debt and will forever remember you all with great fondness.

Now it seems strange after all these years to finally say ‘goodbye’. You have always made us so welcome, giving us endless cups of tea and delicious slices of cake – we will feel quite bereft on a Saturday afternoon.

Please remember Brenda for us with a smile.

Jane, David, Jonty, Jam, Melissa & Sophie

Just a line to thank you for all the care and wonderful way I was looked after by your lovely staff while I was at Greenview. It is thanks to you that I made such a good recovery and I so much appreciate the way that you managed to fit me in when i came out of hospital.